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The podcast started life as casual audio recordings of a live seminar series held in London, hosted by Jeremy Gilbert.

Over the years the podcast has acquired a following of its own, and now far more people listen to the podcast than attend the live seminars in London.

As well as recordings of many live seminars held in London since 2015, we have also included in the podcast feed recordings of an online seminar series organised by the journal New Formations in 2021.

Jeremy also records occasional episodes which are only for the podcast feed (not recordings of live events), on various political and theoretical topics. He is forever planning to start releasing regular podcast-only episodes, and forever failing to get around to it. At the current time of writing (July 2023), he is again hoping to start doing this regularly before the end of the calendar year. 

Below is a list of all podcast episodes – follow the links to see details and listen in a browser.