Session Six: Podemos and Radical Democracy

This session of the Culture, Power Politics series was shared with a ‘TheoryLab‘ hosted by the Dr Lasse Thomassen of the Department of Politics and International Relations at Queen Mary. To be honest, he did all the work – thanks Lasse!

Below are the details and links to recordings.
Podemos and the Future of Spanish Politics

13 January 2016

School of Politics and International Relations Queen Mary

A discussion of the nature of Podemos as a political movement the political theory which informs their project, and  their prospects as a force in Spanish politics. With interventions from invited speakers and lots of time for discussion: what is the relationship between the indignados and Podemos? Are they a force of the Left? What is the nature of their populism? What has been the influence of Laclau and Mouffe on Podemos? How have they changed Spanish politics, and what are their prospects in the new Spanish parliament? What are the implications for the Left in the rest of Europe? Can the Left in the UK learn anything from Podemos?

Speakers: Carlos Delclós, Sirio Canós Donnay, Emmy Eklundh, Jeremy Gilbert, Dan Hancox, Paul Kennedy and Lasse Thomassen

Recording of Part one with  Carlos Delclós, Emmy Eklundh, Paul Kennedy and Lasse Thomassen


Recording of Part two with Sirio Canós Donna, Dan Hancox and Jeremy Gilbert