Generational Politics and the Asset Economy


While mainstream commentators and far-right apologists insist that that the great political divide today is between different sets of cultural ‘values’, the fact is that nothing correlates with voting Tory as closely as being an outright homeowner with a secure pension. Is this coincidence, or is the social and generation divide between those with property and without it now the key structuring feature of British society, culture and politics?

Ridley Road Market Bar , 49 Ridley Road, London, E8 2NP 18:30-20:30. Free, no advance booking, all welcome.


Molly Broome, economist at the Resolution Foundation working on issues linked to intergenerational fairness and wealth inequality.

Joe Chrisp,  Research Associate at the Institute for Policy Research, University of Bath, researching the political economy of the welfare state, comparative politics, labour markets, assets and ageing, and basic income.

Keir Milburn, author of Generation Left