Culture, Power and Politics Seminar 4: The Politics and Ideas of Syriza

September 22nd 2015, 18:30-20:30

New Economics Foundation. 10 Salamanca Place, London, SE1 7HB

This session consisted of a conversation with Marina Prentoulis of Syriza London on the politics of Syriza and the ideas and currents that have informed in and come out of it. We discussed issues such as how the various elements of the radical intellectual tradition fed into Syria’s practice and its analyses of contemporary politics, and what lessons can be drawn from its successes and defeats. Hilary Wainwright of Red Pepper joined in as a spontaneous respondent!

Marina is Syriza’s main representative in the UK and you have almost certainly seen her interviewed on TV more than once in that capacity; she is also an expert on exactly the kinds of radical theory which we are concerned with in the series.This was a fascinating discussion on the complex and vivid relationships between theory, practice, and context.

Unfortunately we suffered a technical failure which meant that the recording of this session didn’t survive 🙁