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Podcasts of the Previous Sessions are here:

Session 1: Neoliberal Common Sense

Session 2: Power and the Self 



Session 3: The Politics of the Unconscious


Sessions 4 and 5 we failed to record, sadly


Session 6: Podemos and Radical Democracy

part one




part two 


(At this point the series effectively merges with the ‘Introduction to Cultural Studies’ course at Open School East)


Introduction to Cultural Studies lecture: We Are All Migrants


Introduction to Cultural Studies: Computer World 


Introduction to Cultural Studies: Neoliberalism as an ideological cultural project


Introduction to Cultural Studies: This is What a Feminist Looks Like

Introduction to Cultural Studies: Queer as Folk


Introduction to Cultural Studies: The Multitude and the Metropolis


Introduction to Cultural Studies:Can You Feel It? Deleuze & Guattari, Schizoanalysis, Affect

How did we get here? Radical Histories of the UK 1974-85


Where are we going? The Politics of the Future


Who Broke Britain? 

The End of Neoliberalism?  Part One

The End of Neoliberalism?  Part Two

The End of Neoliberalism?  Part Three

Democracy is in the Streets: Fifty Years of 1968

Work, Debt, Creativity, Resistance: An Introduction to the thought of Maurizio Lazzarato

Wars and Capital: with Éric Alliez and Maurizio Lazzarato

Eyes Right: Trumpism, Brexit and the rise of the alt-right

Hegemony Now: Power in the Twenty-First Century (I)


The Right to the City: politics, place and policy in neoliberal London

PFI: The Financialisation of Everything 

Hegemony Now: Power in the Twenty-First Century (2)

Generation Left

The Deserving Rich?